Lectures set up

Sample Textwe recommend this set up for orientations and theorical lectures.

Equipped Rooms
Modern furniture, air conditioning, screen and Wi-Fi, and more..
Flexible Design
That's mean you can Design your training room according to your audience's needs.
Reviews Service
If you want to get your audience reviews / feedback about your product or service you provide them to boost your brand and increase the trust.
Coursida is located in the heart of Dokki, just 4 minutes from El Behoos metro station.
Registration Service
We facilitate the collection of fees from the trainees for a nominal fee.
Break Area
Make your trainees enjoy drinks and snacks throughout the training in a nice, relaxing atmosphere.

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Training & Meeting rooms price -2020

Hour rate Lecture & Meeting set up Lab set up
1 Hour 90 120
15 ~ 30 Hrs 80 110
31 ~ 50 Hrs 70 100
+50 Hrs 60 90
  • All Packages valid 1 month.
  • Exceeding the validity period of the bundle costs 10% extra of the bundle price.
  • Prices is not including the collection fees.
  • Terms and conditions apply.
Set up design Rooms Capacity
Lecture set up A1 20 persons
B1 15 persons
B3 15 persons
Lab set up A2 16 persons
Meeting set up A1 10 persons
B1 8 persons
B3 8 persons
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