Why Coursida Coworking space dokki Isnt Just a Rented Desk

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coworking space
coworking space

”If you work alone, or with only a select group, you may be limiting yourself and your company. Joining Coursida isn’t just about having a desk and a chair. It’s about being a part of a passionate community that grows together and motivates you to do more We are a community of bold minds who have decided to work under the same roof. Our workspace and the people around us inspire us to take action, to grow, to do better. here at coursida coworking space There are dozens of examples of coworkers collaborating, innovating and working together. However, we find that most of them fall into one of these four categorie


Learning and advice
Mohamed Amr, a young web developer, talked to us about learning from others with more experience. He said that he often visits the more seasoned web developers who work in Coursida, technical questions when he gets stuck or needs some guidance. Likewise, Assem Soliman, of ProMaps, spoke about the ease of both giving and getting technical advice from others who are “next door.” he also relies on other professionals at coursida to answer questions outside of her expertise. he said, “coursida is an ideal coworking space which can inspire others to learn and provide the environment to start their career.”

Recruiting and employment When Mohamed A.Baset needed to hire an employee for his growing company, Qeema Tech, he looked no further than his fellow coworker, Eslam Fathi. Because of their many interactions, A.Baset felt he knew Fathi’s character, skills and work ethic. It was an easy hire. Similarly, Mohammed Hamdi with Inoledge Lamb, training web academy, has referred several of his clients to Alaa Mohamed with Blue media, a company that works in web solutions. As Hamdi said, “Our clients need jobs. This is a win for our clients and both organizations.”


Networking and clients

As Fatma Ismaeel, executive director of Aml Initiative, explained, We are a small nonprofit, and Coursida coworking space has enabled us to cross-pollinate with smart, creative people regularly on a ton of projects. One of the biggest was our work with Abdel Rahman El Gohary, whose business consulting targeting and analytics,enabled us to execute a several great opportunities. We work in Coursida coworking space because informal access to such talent can’t be found in a regular office environment. The networking that occurs naturally in a coworking environment can also lead to referrals. Ahmed Radwan with Dar ElRahma, a healthcare firm, referred Alaa Mohamed of Blue Media, a SEO and marketing Agency, to optimize their website in google search. Radwan said, “The opportunities we have received have been integral to our growth”. Similarly, Heba Barakat the co-founder & community manager of Coursida coworking space said “coursida has managed to access to collaborative resources and referral partners have opened doors that would otherwise have been unreachable at this stage in our development”

Innovating and collaboration

Innovating and collaboration

Mohamed Younis, of Mash whose provide media production services, has collaborated on several startups and freelancers. Younis, “For 10 months, I met coursida’s coworkers maybe twice and did most of our work via email. But, when I moved into Coursida coworking space community, we were able to work like a true agency — but without the overhead. Today we remain individual but can shout across the hall and get face-to-face time that we could not before. Work is done more efficiently, and we’ve been able to get more work because of the proximity.”

Coworking space dokki




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