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by hares

In 2013 Heba Barakat and Mohamed Haris, two freelance teachers of Arabic as a foreign language, were searching for an appropriate place to teach our foreign students in a suitable atmosphere.

There were many places that offered rental space or shared workspaces but none of them met our expectations. Either the location was too noisy, too crowded or difficult to reach; or no attention was given on tidiness, cleanliness or proper organization of the workspace which made it difficult to work and concentrate.

Whenever we found a place we were reasonable satisfied with, the fees to rent space was unjustly high.

These experiences and meeting frustrated colleagues alike on the way, we realized that there is a demand for affordable workspace that not only offers the space but also a comfortable atmosphere and professional services.

With this in mind we started searching and found the right location in in Dokki to set up Coursida. Coworking space Dokki Being only three minutes walking distance away from Metro Station El Behoos it has the advantage of saving time, effort and money for anybody needing a work space.

The area is very central and easy to reach, however as it is being tucked away on a side street, our co working space on Iran Street enables you to work focused and motivated in a calm and friendly atmosphere. At Coursida we have eleven spaces for different functions; offices, meeting rooms, training rooms and shared spaces which are all very comfortable and spacious. As we are located on the 4th floor, all rooms are sunny and light and provide a warm comfortable climate. During the summer time when it gets very hot air-conditioners provide a cool climate to be able to concentrate and keep a calm mind at work.

Apart from the rooms and spaces you can rent we have a comfortable and relaxing in-house cafeteria where you can take a break, refresh your mind, get cold and hot drinks, snacks or interact with your co-working fellow entrepreneurs, freelancers, or startups from a multitude of backgrounds to exchange new perspectives, ideas, and opportunities.

Coursida provides everything that is ideal for co-working be it for start-ups, entrepreneurs or free lancers who are looking for an affordable way to foster their business in a supportive and creative environment. Coursida is not only a co-working space but also a business community that helps you to develop ideas.

A beautiful setting, abundant natural light, great comfort, fast internet, modern style interior, custom made desks, air-conditioning, top notch location, everything you and your team need to be highly productive. Coworking space Dokki

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